"she didn't let me know beforehand."

News media reported on Wednesday that former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian secretly wired 300 million Taiwan dollars (9.63 million US dollars) to Singapore and then the US, through his unemployed daughter-in-law Huang Jui-ching. Suspecting that it could be money laundering, the Swiss judicial authorities sent a letter to Taiwan's representative office in Switzerland, seeking assistant in a probe into the alleged deal (which is like when your teacher calls your mum to let her know that you've been skipping school to play Counterstrike at some shady LAN shop in Katong Shopping Centre for the past few days).

"I feel bad about this, and I can't continue to cheat myself and others and I thus decide to be frank with everyone that I have done something not permissible by law," he said, referring to the undeclared amount.

Speaking to reporters in Taipei, Chen admitted that he had erred by not fully disclosing donations he received in four political campaigns beginning in 1994, including his two successful bids for the presidency in 2000 and 2004. "I did something not allowed by the law," he said.

Chen also said his wife sent an undisclosed amount of money to an unspecified foreign location, but insisted that the funds would be used to underwrite "Taiwanese diplomatic work" he would conduct in his post-presidential career (haha, a brilliant one).

"At the beginning of this year, my wife told me she wired money overseas left from previous campaigns," he said. "She didn't let me know beforehand."

Source: guardian.co.uk, dpa
What can I say? When you tell the world that your wife was able to take USD 9 million from right under your nose, it says a lot about who wears the pants. But I guess it's better than incurring the wrath of the suffering Taiwanese people by admitting corruption.

Oh well, at least the only consistent thing about him is that he continues to lie in the face of granite-hard facts.

I wonder how our local media will react to this news after Singapore is now mentioned?