home sweet home

I was having dinner with Wai Kit, Weijian and Siqi at Bedok's Botak Jones and catching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Apart from the delightful dance and theatre segment it was more like a educational session during the Parade of Nations segment, with 10-20 countries which I've never ever heard before.

While the lens were especially sharp in zooming in on the pretty female athletics (I'm talking about Jordan, some of the African countries and all of the Scandinavian countries), Team Singapore received only around ten seconds for airtime. Still it was enough for people to point out she had dragged our national flag on the track.

Caption contributed by Wai Kit

Most memorable nation: Argentina. Most of them were prancing around happily soaking in the atmosphere. Either they are happy to be there or (which I'm highly suspecting) they had a few drinks prior.

Star watch: Me and the guys managed to catch some of the superstars such as Federer, Nadal, Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant. Couldn't find Lionel Messi, whom was hidden somewhere among the tall Argentine basketball players.

This is Wai Kit: Pronouncing the Republic of Niger as "Nigger".