this is waikit, in taiwan

Full credits to the HDD guys who shared these gems.

Event #1

The HDD walking pass an arcade.

Wai Kit: Hey, who knows they might have the...

Wai Kit: ... takopachi game.

Weiheng: What the. You mean pachinko.

Event #2

The HDD walking pass a fish market.

Wai Kit: Oh I heard this particular fish is quite good. That one... that...

Wai Kit: 忘不来 fish.

Weijian: You mean 忘不了.

Event #3 (my personal favourite)

The HDD chatting about HK gambling movies.

Lixian: You all know 赌场风云? (English: From Vegas to Macau)

Weiheng: It sucks man, just milking the money. The gambling movies from our time was so much better.

Wai Kit: I know I know - the movie got Chow Yun Fat... Andy Lau...

Wai Kit: And also... that... Xie...

HDD, thinking: Xie Ting Feng(English: Nicholas Tse)

Wai Kit: Xie Shao Guang.