this is waikit, in taiwan

Full credits to the HDD guys who shared these gems.

Event #1

The HDD walking pass an arcade.

Wai Kit: Hey, who knows they might have the...

Wai Kit: ... takopachi game.

Weiheng: What the. You mean pachinko.

dreaming big

Me and Desmond were at home watching the NDP on TV when there was a segment on some kids' aspirations when they grow up.

Desmond: *sniggers

Thomas: Huh, what's so funny?

Desmond: Imagine their parents' reactions to their kids' replies.

Thomas: Hmmm...

some (little-known) laws of the game

As some of  you guys know, I'm now a certified Class 3 football referee. Being a referee has made me realised how little I know about the laws of the game as a footballer, so I'm compiling a list of rules that are little-known by most people for awareness sake (will be constantly updating this list):

world cup lookalikes

(This list may get updated as the World Cup progresses...)

#1 Croatia coach Niko Kovac and Joseph Gordon Levitt