DIY GoPro adjustable pole mount

I've recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black (due to this video) and was looking for a cheap alternative to the official pole mount (~$80). I then discovered that people usually make their own and there's plenty of resources online to guide one to making one. And so I set out to make one myself.

Materials (I got all of them from a trip to Parkway Parade)
  • Adjustable clothes retriever bar from Giant - $4.20
  • M6 bolts from a bargain store beside the hawker centre - $3.00
  • GoPro tripod mount from Parisilk - $14.00

  1. Remove the teeth of the retriever head. You can use any appropriate tool as you wish - for me I used a chopper and a hammer to get it done. After than you will need to drill a hole into the head.

  2. Put a bolt through the hole, place two washers on both ends put a nut on the exposed end. (You can throw away the teeth by now).

  3. For the last and easiest step, just screw in the tripod mount with your GoPro on top. Notice that the mount isn't flushed to the head as I wasn't able to find a shorter bolt. But there you go!

Here's some test footage using my pole mount. Enjoy!