speaking good english part 2

Today was the first day of work for me and my FYP teammates over at our client's office. We were introduced to the head honcho (who is a lady) of the department where we are developing our project for.

Head Honcho: Hmm, so how come you guys didn't have female members in your team?

HH: Are there lack of girls in your course?

Vice Head Honcho: Yeah, I was telling them it was a bad move on hindsight - when you have a girl some things get done faster.

FYP Team: ...

Teammate #1: Oh, we do have girls in our course but they usually form all-girl teams.

HH: Oh, I thought this only happens back in secondary school.

Teammate #1: Yeah, they tend to stick together closely, so its a bit hard to...

Teammate #1: Penetrate them.

( Akward silence envelopes the room for five long seconds.)