dreaming big

Me and Desmond were at home watching the NDP on TV when there was a segment on some kids' aspirations when they grow up.

Desmond: *sniggers

Thomas: Huh, what's so funny?

Desmond: Imagine their parents' reactions to their kids' replies.

Thomas: Hmmm...

"Good choice son, daddy supports you."

"你这个沒出息! Go be a banker ok!"

"Very good, doctor can earn alot of $$$."

"You another one! Mommy didn't plan to send you to Uni for you to be fireman ah!"

"Ok, we support you and send you overseas, cause here cannot make it."

"What?! Look at our SEA games! S League dying also! Somemore we are Chinese!"

"Hmmm, iron ricebowl. Ok can."

"Son, you already look the part - now just remember to get top marks so they will fast track you to be high ranking officer ok? Then retire can go be CEO or go into politics."

"See See! You friend want to be reporter but you want to be policeman!"